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Servitoro & Las Ventas Tour: discover the fighting bull in the field

Feria de San Isidro

We approach you to the brave field to learn about the upbringing of the fighting bull very close to Las Ventas Bullring

It is true that the maximum expression of bullfighting is found in the arena of a bullring, when bull and bullfighter finally meet and face each other. But everything acquires greater meaning if we also have the opportunity to meet the bull in the field. The Fighting Bull is the epicenter of the Fiesta and raising it is a task that extends four or five years and requires great dedication and effort.

From the time they are born and weaned, to the temptation and selection of the cattle; the handle, food, sanitation… endless work whose goal is to raise a brave and entangled animal to fight for his life in the bullring. In the visits to the ranches we can enjoy the explanations of breeders or foremen, who show with passion the mysteries of the fighting bull.

Fernando Guzmán fighting bull ranch, Cabanillas de la Sierra

Located in Madrid mountains, this cattle ranch with some 100 years of history is encaste Santa Coloma vía Buendía. Every day of the week and from two people, you can know the different enclosures in which the livestock is divided and where the males, cows, calves, etc … are distributed as well as the facilities and the bullring.

Toro en el campo de Fernando Guzmán.

San Isidro fighting bull ranch, Villarejo de Salvanés

The old Giménez Indarte, from Villamarta, Murube and Marqués de Domecq, paste on the Navarredonda de los Llanillos farm, about 50 km from Madrid. Here we can also visit the spaces that bring us closer to the livestock tradition and nature where the bull is raised. We can also complete the day with different activities such as a country lunch, a 4×4 tour, a tasting…

San Isidro, el toro en el campo.

San Isidro bulls.

A great option to complete the guided tour to Las Ventas Bullring.


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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