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Anatomy of the bull. Morrillo

The Bull: Anatomy

anatomy bulls

Anatomy is the science that studies the shape, location, disposition, volume and structure of organs that constitute the living things. This article will discuss the ideal characteristics Anatomically our bull.

The Bull is a complex animal with a very important feature, its great capacity of tissue reaction to trauma in general (not to say that no attention is paid to certain injuries, if it don’t have good drainage can be deadly) .

It is a vast subject, which we could talk about your bones, joints, muscles etc, but we will focus on what we see as the bull comes to the Arena.

How should be the characteristics of the bull?:

  • El trapío: is the appearance of the bull. Differences of a bull domestic one refers to his upbringing, temperament and above all to its physique.
  • Most of the animal’s weight falls on the cuartos delanteros.
  • Las pezuñas: Hoof should be small and round.
  • El rabo: The tail must reach the prominent hocks and be thick at the end
  • El morrillo, that is the massive hump of muscle located behind the neck, it has to be very pronounced, dilating when excited.
  • La cabeza: The head should end in a small snout, a broad nose and a wet nose is a sign of good health.
  • Los Cuernos: The horns must be at least 8 cm and be bright.
  • The bull is able to outrun a horse over short distances, from a standing start, and has great strength.

The beauty of a bull is more noticeable for connoisseurs than for people who have never seen or know the difference between a domestic bull to a bull.

Toro’s vision

The bull sees two distinct and separate images.



bull eye anatomy




Given these two images the bull gives priority to the image with the encouragement of the movement. The bull has the two images; Bullfighter and the movement cloak, before these two images the bull gores which has movement and bullfighter leaves it in the background. The bull attacks the image that is closer and has movement. It is also said that the bull is color blind and suffering from farsightedness.

In this drawing it looks like the bull has a blind zone in front of the bull called “anticono”. Bullfighters play with this double image that has the bull and that anticono of blindness.

We leave you with beautiful images of the artist Kovatchev and his view of the anatomy of the bull.

bull kovatchev


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