Gonzalo Ortigosa Yoldi

Apasionado taurino. Gestor cultural

Gonzalo Ortigoza Yoldi
La muleta, suertes taurinas, tercios

The cloth, the bull and the bullfighter; a living set. The crutch serves to curdle the bull’s onslaught and subdue it by right.

el picador

It is a third overly dependent on the quality of the bull in terms of aesthetics as the picador-horse forms a one-eyed, boring and slow

el paseillo taurino -explicación qué es una corrida de toros

Space and time go hand in hand in the paseíllo. Centuries of bullfighting history and an intact tradition in its essence.

el capote

Like Architecture, Sculpture and Painting, Bullfighting is an Art defined by spaces. Its purpose, to show the invisible, to give meaning to places that are not perceived due to their abstraction.

tercio de muerte

The last luck in the fight of the fighting bull, the crowning moment. The triumph, the confirmation of the triumph, the misfortune or the confirmation of the misfortune. Works of art are signed, bulls are killed.

torero El Fandi, poniendo banderillas en Las Ventas

Ancient and lucid, the suerte de banderillas has always been a spatial journey which, when performed with art and elegance, creates tense and vibrant moments.

el capote que usan los toreros

The origin of the bullfighting cape. Functions of the cape. Types of lances with the cape: Verónica, the chicuelina, Los Faroles, the Largas, the Largas cambiadas, the Navarras, the porta Gayola, the Mariposa…

La Plaza de toros

Architecture and bullfighting. Time has created the bullring. To study it requires time and concentration

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