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Banderillas. Aesthetic risk.

The art of bullfighting. Explanation of how to put the banderillas on the bull. Thirds of bullfights. Understanding a bullfight
torero El Fandi, poniendo banderillas en Las Ventas

"Banderillas" in a bullfight

Ancient and lucid, the fate of banderillas has always been a Space trip that when performed with Art and elegance fosters tense and vibrant moments.



It is not known for sure who carried out this fate for the first time, but its purposes are known: to revive and speed up the bull so that after the third of the rods it runs, takes air and arrives with vigor at the crutch and tests the bull for both horns to give a good account of which is the most suitable for the bullfighter and his subsequent task.


Harpoons, sticks, pinwheels, and garapullos to meet, crack, crawl, from power to power, to bankruptcy, to bias, under arm, to the violin, from the inside out … Popular literature at the service of an eternal encounter with death.


Up to fifteen ways to put flags are counted. Each and every one of them with its risks, encounters and exits. It is precisely these last two terms that best define spatially the third of flags: meetings and exits. Spatial terms, the entrance, the welcome to the scare and the getaway, the justification of the trip.



Torero El Fandi poniendo banderillas
Bullfighter El Fandi, putting 'banderillas'

Every performance that has flags has in common the journey as Greek literature with their respective beginnings, encounters and endings. Whether it is the bull or the bullfighter, someone always runs to meet his rival. The bullfighter-traveler launches himself into the bull’s antler in search of himself, his courage and his impetus and the bull starts off towards the right-hander in search of his race, caste and nobility.


The third of banderillas is an end to itself, a demonstration, and always and every evening emulating the myth of the wandering Jew

Gonzalo ortigosa yoldi


Gonzalo Ortigosa Yoldi
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