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Marco Perez

A child prodigy in the world of bullfighting is Marco Perez, who on October 21, at the age of 16, will be presented with horses in Spain
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Marco Perez, much more than a child prodigy

They appear every so often. But their presence is infrequent, and therefore, unusual and anomalous. That is why, whenever they appear, they are protagonists. In each art or discipline there are several examples. But not abundant. Mozart in music, Picasso in painting… in bullfighting there are also well-known cases: Joselito El Gallo, Luis Miguel Dominguín… and more recently Enrique Ponce or El Juli, now in the news due to his upcoming retirement.

The latest case of a child prodigy in the world of bullfighting is Marco Perez, who on October 21, at the age of 16, will be presented with horses in Spain, after having made his debut a week earlier in the French town of Istres. The event, organized by the company Tauroemoción in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), in which Alejandro Talavante and Daniel Luque are also announced, will be a great event, because of the future that is predicted for this very young bullfighter, who can become a reference in his profession in the coming decades.

His presentation in society was in a small bullring in 2015, in the bullring of La Glorieta, with only seven years old, everyone was talking about him. His performance also went beyond the strictly bullfighting, the general media reported the impact of his presence, from there, his popularity has continued to increase, mainly because Marco has continued to give reasons in the ring to continue believing in him.

He has intuition and is mentally strong. His ability allows him to learn technical concepts and aesthetic nuances, which he interprets with talent and ease. Marco fights with temperament, accompanying the onslaught with his waist and with his feet in the sand. His concept is classic, very Castilian, typical of the school where he has been trained, of the teachers who have instructed him (the masters José Ramón Martín and José Ignacio Sánchez), and even of his manager, the Frenchman Juan Bautista, one of the contemporary referents of this type of bullfighting.

Last year he began to stand out in practical classes, and each presence in the bullring was an important event. The results encouraged him to make his debut in Seville, and Marco cut a tail, dressed in short, in his presentation in La Maestranza.

Despite the administrative obstacles due to his young age, America has also been no stranger to the phenomenon. Colombia and Ecuador have seen him triumph in unforgettable performances, where the young bullfighter was carried on shoulders. The image of Rincón legend of the bullfighting with Marco at La Monumental de Manizales is unforgettable.

But, after a brilliant and accidental debut in Aguascalientes, his definitive explosion was his first performance at Las Ventas, on the day of San Isidro, in a practical morning class that is already part of his short but brilliant career. The four ears he obtained from the Jandilla bulls ratified, in a full bullring, all the good things that had been sensed until then.

However, now the real hard part begins. The dresses of lights and the events with horses. Marco is more than ready to face the challenge. After Istres, Arenas de San Pedro is the first appointment to continue making history, also the first opportunity for you, spectator, to witness it.

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Last modified: 28 September, 2023
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