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León Arena, or How to Watch Bullfighting in First Class

León has one of the most beautiful bullrings in Spain, and also one of the most comfortable. Its roof and seats elevate watching bullfighting in an arena to another level. Yes, dear spectator, surely tired of stone, granite, and millimetric seats, León Arena has thought of you.
Plaza de toros de León Arena - Servitoro

Bullfighting Fair of León 2024

The bullring in León was one of the first in Spain to be covered. In the style of La Misericordia in Zaragoza, the Leonese building, dating back to 1948, was roofed in the year 2000, culminating a process of renovation and refurbishment that brought it back into use, not only as a bullfighting arena.
From “El coso de El Parque,” as it was always called, it came to be known by the nickname “León Arena,” and under its roof, all kinds of shows have been held, such as basketball and handball matches, political rallies, concerts, cultural events, and private functions for various companies.
However, above all, the building is a bullring. With this in mind, it was purchased in the 1990s by the entrepreneur Gustavo Postigo, who began the aforementioned modernization process, which, in addition to the dome, mainly affected the stands.

Far from the discomforts of other arenas, not only from a climatic point of view, in León the seats are made up of individual plastic chairs with backs, to enjoy the event with maximum comfort. As if it were about watching bullfighting in first class or premium seats.

The events presented by Casa Matilla, responsible for organizing the San Juan and San Pedro fair, are in keeping with the status of the arena: on Saturday, June 22, six bulls from Zalduendo will be fought by David Fandila El Fandi, Sebastián Castella, and Miguel Ángel Perera, and on Sunday, June 23, the rejoneadores Rui Fernandes, Diego Ventura, and Lea Vicens are announced, with a bullfight from the heirs of Ángel Sánchez y Sánchez.

Furthermore, in this edition, a tribute will be paid to Felipe Zapico Díez. Known as the “bullfighter from León”, Felipe is over 90 years old, and in 2024 it will be 75 years since this multifaceted character, essential in telling the Leonese bullfighting history, made his debut in the ring. Another incentive to come to “León Arena” to watch the bulls from a preferred seat.

Feria taurina de León 2024

Tickets on the servitoro.com website or by calling +34 96 330 85 93 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6:30pm, or on the WhastApp +34 647 66 93 71.

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