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Badajoz Bullfighting Fair: In the Name of Perera

The Badajoz Fair 2024 revolves around Miguel Ángel Perera. The Extremaduran bullfighter celebrates with his fellow countrymen his twenty years of ‘alternativa’ in a short and select subscription, which, in addition to this commemoration, has several attractions that add appeal and interest to the lineup.
Torero Miguel Ángel Perera - Badajoz 2024

Badajoz Bullfighting Fair. San Juan 2024

The name of Miguel Ángel Perera is the main draw for the upcoming Badajoz Fair. The bullfighter from Puebla del Prior is commemorating his twentieth anniversary of his ‘alternativa’ this month, and he celebrates it at the Pardaleras bullring, the same one that saw him become a matador two decades ago.

A leading novice bullfighter, capable of cutting three ears in Madrid on his debut at this venue, Miguel Ángel rocketed to his doctorate and, once in the senior ranking, confirmed with the four-year-old bull all the good things he had shown since the beginning of his career.

The 2008 season, with two Grand Entrances of Madrid included, the last of which was epic after being wounded in a solo encierro he faced fiercely, definitively consecrated him as a figure of bullfighting. Since then, the bullfighter from Badajoz has not stepped down from the pulpit.

In recent years, with everything accomplished and nothing left to prove, Miguel Ángel has fought for himself. Without the stress and pressure that necessity generates. And in the bullrings, a sun-soaked bullfighter has been seen, with the usual commitment, the same command and subjugation in front of the bulls, but with greater depth, aesthetics, and cadence.

Plaza de toros de Badajoz - Coso de Parladeras
Badajoz Bullring - Parladeras Bullring

Thus, with the added endorsement of a Prince’s Gate at the last April Fair in Seville, Perera comes to the fair of his homeland, where he is announced on Sunday, June 23, on a stellar bill, alongside Juan Ortega and Roca Rey, two of the most current bullfighters. The bulls belong to the Núñez del Cuvillo ranch.

A day earlier (Saturday 22), the fair opens with an event with a marked Extremaduran accent, in which Emilio de Justo and Ginés Marín will compete. Cáceres and Badajoz, face to face in a regional rivalry event where, surely, bullfighting will be the winner. In addition, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, who is bidding farewell to the bullrings this year, will open the show and will surely give one of his last masterclasses in Badajoz.

The Navarrese centaur will fight bulls from San Pelayo that day, while the bulls on foot will sport the badge of the García Jiménez Brothers. The festivities will also start at 7:30 p.m. so that the heat that hits hard every year at this time gives respite to the fans and they can pay tribute to Miguel Ángel Perera, the true protagonist of the fair, as well as an icon and ambassador of this land for the last twenty years.

Tickets on the servitoro.com website or by calling +34 96 330 85 93 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6:30pm, or on the WhastApp +34 647 66 93 71.

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