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The distribution of the Bullrings: ‘tendidos’

Inside the bullring: ‘tendido’

Parts of a bullring.

The first doubt when we access into a bullring is usually the place we must occupy and, depending on whether it is a small bullring such as Morón de la Frontera ( Seville) or a big one like the Monumental of Las Ventas (Madrid), it can be a hardwork. The entries tell us the number of ‘tendido’, the row and the seat.

  • The ‘tendidos’

‘Tendidos’ are the different sectors that the bullring is divided in, as if it were the portions of a pie, and can be numbered from 1 to 10. They can be shade, sun, or sun and shade; according to the light of the sun they receive during the celebration of the ‘corrida’ (bullfight). The main difference in ticket prices will depend on this; the areas of sun will always have a lower price than those of shade. The bullrings are oriented according to where the presidential box is located: in the first hours of the afternoon its half is in the shade and in the opposite part gives the sun, part where the ‘clarineros’ and ‘timbaleros’ (musicians) are placed in charge of giving the music that separate the thirds of the fight.

It’s also called ‘tendido’ the part where most of the seats are located and it takes from the back rows of the ‘contrabarreras’ to the beginning of the upper rows or ‘gradas’ (terraces). Depending on the size of the bullring may have been ‘tendido bajo’ (down part) and ‘tendido alto’ (high part), with different prices depending on the row occupied, as closer you are to the ring a higher amount you will have to pay.

  • ‘Gradas’ and ‘andanadas’ (terraces)

Some bullrings only have ‘tendido’. In others, above this, are placed the ‘gradas’ (terraces) and ‘palcos’ (boxes), which are covered. At the top part are the ‘andanadas’ or ‘nayas’ (as they are called, for example, in Valencia). These locations are the cheapest ones.

  • ‘Barreras’ and ‘contrabarreras’

On the other side, the seats with the highest price are the ‘barrera’ and ‘contrabarrera’. The ‘barrera’ is the first row of seats right after the ‘callejón’ (corridor where the bullfighters and their teams are during the bullfight). It’s usually only a row, but in some bullrings there may be two, three or even more.

The ‘contrabarrera’ is the next row, it’s also usually one, although depending on the bullring there is up to 5 or 6. It separates the ‘barrera’ from the ‘tendido’, although it is true that sometimes we can find some row between ‘contrabarrera’ and ‘tendido’ called ‘preferente’ (preferential) or ‘pasillo’ (corridor).

In spite of this general view of the ‘tendidos’, the truth is that there are many bullrings with singularities or own characteristics, so in many occasions it is essential the staff of the bullring to accommodate us… 😉

In the next chapter we will talk about the characteristics of the ‘ruedo’ (arena).


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