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Director, Screenwriter with Bullfighting Art

Director and Screenwriter,  Agustín Díaz Yanes

Director Agustín Yanes

Director and screenwriter, Agustín Díaz Yanes. He is the son of the famous Michelin banderillero. He says that being the son of Michelin, has greatly influenced him bulls throughout his life, and reflected in film.

In adolescence it leads deep into the world of bullfighting, so much so that for 6 months was training to be a bullfighter. But it turned out very hard workouts and abandon that idea. Since then, he has always wanted to be a screenwriter but has never neglected the world of bullfighting. And after finishing college, he devoted himself to lecturing bull, lovers and fans.

After his success as a screenwriter delved into direct a film “Nadie hablará de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto” (1995) which was awarded for 9 Goyas and since then he has made several successful films.

obra-agustin-diaz-yanesIn this film, as in all he does, he got a bullfighting theme, although it was not the main theme of the film, but never fails to engage your movies with the bullfighting art. His childhood, as we have said, has been heavily influenced by the bullfighting world. His father was fighting in many bullfights throughout Spain, and when the season ended Spain, went to Mexico for months. He says that his father was like a person who appeared from time to time at home and hardly saw him. Reports that as they grew older she realized how different people who are involved in the world of the bullfighter, and especially at that time that culture was more archaic bull. His father only spoke of bulls that was all that mattered. It was his mother who educated him and his two brothers. It is still fond of bulls and always in the fair of San Isidro. He says it’s quite complicated to put together film and bulls as the bulls is a spectacle of truth that is distorted when not have the same passion. It would be falsifying the hours of shooting in the bullring, bulls, bullfighters …… so throughout history we couldn’t see any good movie bulls. The director thinks that bullfighters could be good actors, and only them we could convey that love they have for the bulls.
Currently still he is working in the film world and hopefully never let that passion for the world of bullfighting.

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