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Clothing Rider and Horse in Rejones

Clothing Rejoneador and Horse

To exit the ring should be well dressed traditionally both the rider as the horse for safety, so the horse will be quiet and allow the rider to make a good show.


Horse for Rejoneo is key, the rider must tame the horse, tune it, having it obedient and light movements. For this, the horse must have the perfect gallop and the horse rider to transmit to horse, safety.

Once you get to tame the horse, you should consider the trappings, horse clothing; to ensure the stability of the rider on its back.

The trappings are the set of elements that make up the frame.The most common is the “Vaquero” saddle even from the seventies created a mixed mount (Vaquera and Portuguese), which differs from traditional Spanish, because it allows fit on the chair with greater security thanks to a “Borrado” Forward.

The trappings in Horse clothing are:

  • La “cabezada”trapping horses
  • Las “riendas”
  • La “cincha”
  • El “mosquero”
  • Los “estribos”
  • La “manta estribera”
  • La “baticola”

All these elements are clamped and the horse fit for better handling, safety and adornment. Mostly they are made of metal and leather. The most important thing is that the trappings are adequate, that fit the horse well and are in good condition to avoid injury to both horse and rider.

The costumes Rider

Rider clothing, cowboy or Spanish, is related to the needs of the camper work.

Characteristics of the Rejones clothing:

  • “Sombrero cordobés”: “Cordovan hat” high crown and wide brim to protect from heat and sun.
  • “chaquetilla corta” “Short jacket” and tight to the body for ease of movement.
  • “Calzona” “Breeches” or tight and short pants, to allow contact the boots with the horse .
  • “Zahones” “Chaps” leather aprons covering the front of the rider’s legs.

Everything is designed to make it comfortable for the rider and can move without difficulty of the bullfight.

Each matador choose the colors of both the jacket, hat or leather chaps.

rejoneador-clorthingrejoneador diego ventura










To place the flags in both hands, the Rejoneador wear a belt with a hook under the fold of Zahones to carry the reins while allows dominates to horse using the legs.

Read more about this world of bullfighting on horseback: Taming the horse o requirements of the horse.


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