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The great feat of Diego Ventura

The current number one of the horse-bullfighting will return to make history alone with six bulls in Las Ventas on October 6, as part of the Autumn Fair

The horse-bullfighter Diego Ventura, unstoppable fulfilling challenges, will face alone 6 bulls of the livestocks of Miura, María Guiomar Cortés de Moura and Ángel Sánchez and Sánchez during the Autumn Fair of Las Ventas. It was not enough for him to be the first bullfighter on horseback to cut a tail in the Monumental of Madrid, on June 9, and now he is preparing for this great event in October.

On September 3, in an act with the fans in the arena of Las Ventas, Ventura presented the appointment of October 6 and spoke of his idyll with the first bullring in the world; he reviewed his great milestones and showed much of his stable, the other protagonist of his achievements.

Diego Ventura was born in Lisbon but has been raised in La Puebla del Río (Sevilla). He grew up on the farm of Peralta brothers, barely six years old and bullfighting cows on horseback. He bullfight his first calf with 9 years old in Coria del Río and started as a professional in Tabara (Zamora) with the falsified documents, because he was still 14 years old. He took the alternative in Utiel, province of Valencia, in 1998 and made his lucky debut in Seville in 2000, which allowed him to start being present in important posters.

He is the bullfighter who has crossed the Puerta Grande (Great Door) in Madrid most times, 16 times in 14 years. The first, in 2005 with a bullfight by Fidel San Román, changed his life; this is what he tells himself: “That afternoon I got to the top, I started with a lot of difficulties because I came from a humble family and things did not work out, it was hard to come back, I thought about retiring that year, I was there and it cost me money, I thought not I had my presence in Zaragoza but they offered me Madrid, I talked to my father and he told me I had to go to Las Ventas, I took it as my last cartridge, I put on knees on the second bull and then it changed my everything came out very well, I came up and I killed that bull with my heart, I cried in that turn of the ring with both ears.

And since then his career has been a continuous struggle until he reaches the top, where he is now, but with a long way to go.

On Saturday, October 6, he’s sure to make history again and we do not want to miss it.

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