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The most awaited Autumn Fair

Las Ventas 2019

The Monumental of Las Ventas is preparing for the Autumn cycle that has raised more expectations in recent years

Never before had a fair given so much to talk about. Since Simon Casas announced that the Autumn posters would be made by strict raffle, speculations were the order of the day. Until last August 27, date in which the historical procedure was celebrated and finally we knew the combinations.

The Autumn Fair 2018 was carried out with the drums containing the names of the livestocks and the bullfighters and under the watchful eye of Luis Enrique García Labajo, notary of the Illustrious College of Notaries of Madrid. Two presidents of Las Ventas box were the “innocent hands” that extracted the famous balls.

The innovative act was attended by some of the protagonists, who could not hide their nerves and uncertainty when they arrived at the Horse Yard of the bullring. The bullfighters Octavio Chacón, Luis David and Emilio de Justo; breeders Victoriano del Río, Adolfo Martín and Ricardo Gallardo; the young bullfighters Pablo Mora, Francisco de Manuel and Juanito; and the representatives José Cutiño, Luis Miguel Villalpando, Antonio Tejero, Antonio Caba, Nemesio Matías, Nacho de la Serna, Fran Vázquez and Juan Diego; all wanted to know the results being there.

In the first place the livestocks corresponding to Alejandro Talavante, who will act two afternoons, were extracted, and then the ten remaining bullfighters. The following combinations were added to the well-known posters of the Fuente Ymbro steers-bullfight and the enclosure of Diego Ventura:

· Friday, September 28: Victoriano del Río bulls for Alejandro Talavante, Paco Ureña and Fortes.

· Saturday 29: Fuente Ymbro steers for Juanito, Pablo Mora and Francisco de Manuel.

· Sunday 30: bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo for Emilio de Justo, Román and Ginés Marín.

· Friday, October 5: Adolfo Martín bulls for Alejandro Talavante, Álvaro Lorenzo and Luis David.

· Saturday 6: bulls of Miura, Ángel Sánchez and Sánchez and Mario Guiomar Cortés Moura for Diego Ventura alone.

· Sunday 7: Fuente Ymbro bulls, for Diego Urdiales, Octavio Chacón and David Mora.

Diego Ventura with 6 bulls, the revelation Emilio de Justo, the winner Álvaro Lorenzo, the freshness of Román … the Fair is full of reasons for not being able to choose a single poster.


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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