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Bullfighting arrives, finally, to Zaragoza


‘La Misericordia’ will celebrate the Bullfighting Fair from October 5 to 14 in honor of the ‘Virgen del Pilar’

The adjudication of Zaragoza Bullring has been one of the hot topics throughout this season. After various controversies, litigation and resources, which prevented holding the Fair of San Jorge in April, the UTE composed of Taurojea and Cicuitos Taurinos was awarded and, fortunately, everything was solved with time to organize a great Fair.

The Bullfighting Fair of Pilar de Zaragoza is undoubtedly one of the most completes. Throughout more than a week, about 25 festivities of all kinds are celebrated in the Bullring of ‘La Misericordia’. This year there will be two steers bullfights, seven bullfights and one bullfight with horses; in addition to competitions with heifers every morning, trimmers, ‘roscaderos’, ’embolados’ (with fire), popular tauromachies … Whatever prefers a fan of bulls, in Zaragoza finds its place.

Zaragoza Popular Bulls


The Feria del Pilar is also the last great event of the bullfighting calendar and with which, practically, the season is closed, therefore an important date for the all the bullfighters and the livestocks. One more time figures, emerging youth and steers bullfighters meet in the series of bullfighting. 

This year two farewells mark the Fair: that of Juan José Padilla and that of Juan Bautista, it will be the last opportunity to see them in the Spanish arena.


Zaragoza Bullfighting Fair


The holy days of Zaragoza are celebrated in honor to its patroness, the Virgin of ‘El Pilar’, whose day is the 12 of October. It takes the whole week and usually lasst about ten days. Colloquially they are known as ‘Pilares’. Since 1980 are declared Festivals of National Tourist Interest.

They begin with the ‘Pregón’, which is read on the balcony of the Town Hall on Saturday before October 12, and until next Sunday there are groups of giants and big heads, concerts in the main points of the city, the General Fair in the the Fair of samples, Fair of the Beer, attractions or fireworks.

A large wreath in the form of a mantle to the Virgen del Pilar stars on the big day, October 12, in addition to the pontifical mass. The rosary of the dawn, the fruit offering or the rosary with crystal lanterns that take place on the 13th, are other important acts in honor of the patroness.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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