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Requirements of the Horse to Rejoneo

How should the horse participating in the Rejones?

The horse should have a number of basic requirements: strength, temperament, speed, courage to face the bull and precise dressage.
caballo para rejones

The race that has all of these requirements is the Spanish-Andalusian horse. But as the bullfighting has been refined, is race has been crossed with foreign breeds and have achieved the “specialists” races in the various facets of the bullfight.

Thus the value of Spanish horse, quickly joined the English horse has an ideal location for the first “Third,” able to stop the Bulls to their departure and to nail “rejones” of punishment.

Are also suitable Arabian horses, used in the second “Tercio (banderillas)” have great speed and reflexes to get out quickly from the Embroques tight of the bull.

To the third “Tercio” the bull is plumbed already, it have to get closer the bull to put “short banderillas” and “the spear of death”. For this, the best horses are the Spanish.

All the features of each horse with their crosses, make them exceptional horses and it is impressive to see how they dance, fight with bulls and dodge the bull.


Biographic data.

Diego Ventura (Lisbon, November 4, 1982). Rejoneador excellent, showing all its elegance of this rigorous style, his childhood was surrounded by the world of the horse and the bull, he is the son of one of the best trainers of all time..

His debut as rejoneador was in Churriana (Málaga), on 21 February 1998. Ventura has performed feats like killing six bulls alone. Today it is considered one of the best in this style.

See here, an excellent run Rejones on May 11 in the April Fair in Seville 2014.

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