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Popular bullfighting festivals

Popular bullfighting festivals

The popular celebrations and their festivals are the reflection of the identity signs of our towns and produce a series of beneficial consequences, as they are the important tourist attraction that these celebrations, usually patronal, suppose for many localities. Sometimes, it is what generates an important flow of people towards the places of its celebration.

The popular festivals of bullfighting are a recreational activity that can consist of traditional running of fighting bulls, release of cattle, bullfighting of heifers and the runnings on horseback through the countryside, without necessarily having to kill the animal and where the bull/cow is the main protagonist and the people are not only spectators, but actively participate.

These celebrations are in constant evolution and motivate people to come up with some festivities in which a specialist is required, such as the exhibition shows or competitions, the celebrations of trimmers, thickets, ring bumpers, where the man and the animal face in equal conditions. Here are some examples:

‘Embolado’ contest

The ’embolado’ contest is original of the Valencian region, which consists of ’embolar’ the bull in the less time as possible. The bull is tied with a kind of rope (thick rope of esparto grass, hemp or other vegetable or synthetic fibers) and helped by a pylon to which the bull will be tied and they will try to ’embolar’ the animal in the ring. The embolado consists of placing the pythons supports called which adapt to the head of the animal and allows to hold resin balls that will later be lit with fire.

Video of a contest in Valencia. Tickets to see contests.


‘Recortadores’ contest

This ‘recortadores’ (kind of trimmers of the bulls rammings) contest is a bullfighting show where the participants face the bulls doing a thousand and one pirouettes, from jumps and bursts on the bull with the purpose of deceiving the bull at the last moment. The one who risks the most or performs the more incredible pirouettes will be the one that rises up with the trophy.


Interesting links to see them,


Gold Promise Contest


These contests have been regulated, not everyone can face the bull without previously staying with a specialized group and having signed a responsibility report.

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