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Valencia prepares for Fallas Fair 2019


The city of the Turia river will be immersed in just one month at the Fallas fair, which will be held from 9 to 19 March

On the occasion of his patron saint, San José, Valencia lives the last days of winter wrapped in gunpowder, music, fireworks, color, flames…The Fallas fair are one of the most intense and well known parties in our country. People from all over the world come to the capital of the Valencian Community to live a tradition that is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and enjoy the ‘ninots’ scattered throughout the city.

The origin of the Fallas

The origin of the festival is found in the guild of carpenters back in the eighteenth century. On the eve of San Jose (his patron), the old wood and junk were burned in front of his workshops, along with the wooden mast from which his lamps were hung to work. Over time they were adorning and giving human form, in the form of satire or criticism of contemporary events, thus emerging the “ninots” that make up the various ‘fallas’. Citizens were so involved with social and political criticism in their sculptures of ‘ninots’ that some years the authorities came to really make it difficult to plant them or they were marked by censorship.

Fallas de Valencia

An old ‘falla’.

The Bullfight Fair of Fallas 2019

Valencia ranks number one in the calendar of first-class fairs, so what happens at the Fallas Fair can (or should) have an impact on the rest of the season. A steer-bullfight without horses will start the cycle of San Jose, also composed of two steer-bullfights, seven bullfights, a mixed bullfight and a horse-bullfight. So the Bullring of Valencia bets as usual for the quarry, giving opportunities to young bullfighters.

Two afternoons will appear Enrique Ponce, winner of last year. The first, on March 16, will be a very special and awaited evening because it is the return of Paco Ureña to the bullrings after the serious catch of last Albacete Fair, that made him lose the vision of his left eye. The poster is completed by José Mari Manzanares and they will face bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq. The second will be on Monday the 18th in the mixed bullfight led by Diego Ventura and where Toñete will debut; the bulls will be from Los Espartales and García Jiménez respectively.

Leading livestock, figures, emerging bullfighters and the return of Victorino Martín on March 10, make up a great cycle that we can not miss.

Valencia Bullfighting

Fallas Fair 2019

This year’s poster is the work of the recently deceased artist Enrique Moratalla Barba. Although born in Albacete, Valencia was his home and has left a great work with both the camera and the paintings.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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