Fair of July 2019, the keys of the most wanted appointment of the Valencian summer


A steers-bullfight and three bullfights will be held on the last weekend of the month for the July Fair of 2019

The Xàtiva arena will be dressed again in the month of July to celebrate its second annual event (after Fallas): the July Fair 2019. This year there are several keys to the importance of the cycle;

  • The winner of the July Fair 2018 and 2017: Paco Ureña

The Bullfighter of Lorca returns to his talismanic bullring. Winner of the cycles of the last two summers, he also chose the Valencia bullring for his coveted return to the rings after the serious mishap of the last Albacete Fair. He cut an ear in front of those of Juan Pedro Domecq and demonstrated his merits to not miss any fair.

Paco ureña

  • The return of Roman

Valencian bullfighter and one of the most serious injured in San Isidro, Román Collado has chosen the July Fair to reappear after a strong goring with a Baltasar Ibán bull that sectioned his femoral. But he also does it in a one-on-one with Emilio de Justo and his own request. Román replaced Emilio de Justo (who broke his clavicle in Cáceres on June 2) Baltasar Ibán afternoon, and the bullfighter from Extremadura also could not make his debut in Fallas due to another injury.

Valencia therefore hopes to this pair of heroes who always come out to leave their skin in the arena. The big date is July 27!

Román en Valencia

Román en la Feria de Fallas 2019. Fotografía de SCP.

  • Roca Rey

So without further ado, the name of the Peruvian fills any poster and fair. Winner of the latest Fallas, Andrés Roca Rey returns to a scene he is used to getting on shoulders, up to six times he has succeeded and surely returns to maintain his love affair with the Valencian fans.

Roca Rey in Valencia.

Last Main Gate of Roca Rey in Valencia.

The July Fair includes the festivities of October, on the occasion of Community Day. And in addition the III Bullfighting Schools Contest is celebrated on July 13, 14 and 20; in practical class format and with free admission. The best way to support the quarry and warm up engines for the great Fair!

July Fair

July Fair 2019 poster.


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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