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Visit to a historic fighting bull ranch: Victorino Martín

Victorino Martín

The bulls of the crowned A are in the municipality of Portezuelo, in the province of Cáceres

Victorino Martín

Victorino bulls at Las Tiesas.

Victorino Martín‘s livestock is one of the most famous in history and, without a doubt, one of the most important. The visit to the farm of Las Tiesas is a great opportunity to see the famous grays up close and enjoy their natural habitat.

Throughout 1,600 hectares graze the cattle which more prizes has ever won. Las Tiesas is the main farm, but the visit begins in Monteviejo, located in the area of Moraleja and which has an extension of 350 hectares. It is the first farm of the Martín family in Extremadura, since they come from Galapagar (Madrid). In Monteviejo, place of the belly cows, we find the Victorino Martín Museum that brings together the history of livestock through bulls (as Velador, only pardoned in Las Ventas), photographs, books, posters, awards, etc. An essential collection in the Dehesa and Toro Route of Extremadura.

Ganadería Victorino Martín

One of the bulls in the Museum.

Then we move to Las Tiesas to see the litters of Victorino and, hopefully, the bulls reviewed for some of the most important fairs and bullrings. The tour is made in a perfectly prepared trailer and in the company of cowboys and horsemen, which makes it possible to enjoy and learn from the bulls very closely. In Las Tiesas the ‘white feet’ bulls with the iron of Monteviejo also graze, the second of the house and of origin Vega-Villar.

A delicious homemade meal with a stew of meat from fighting bull and local products, the possibility of witnessing a ‘tentadero’ at the bullring with bullfighters and young bullfighters or a tasting of the wines and oils that they produce, are some of the the options to make the visit an unforgettable day.

Tentadero en Victorino Martín

Plaza de tientas de la ganadería.

You can find all the information regarding visits on the website Victorino Martín.


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