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Olivenza Bull Fair

Toros en Olivenza

Olivenza celebrates its fair, declared Fiesta of Tourist Interest of Extremadura, at the beginning of March

Olivenza Bull Fair marks the beginning of the bullfighting season in Extremadura every year. It is also the first major event at the national level and visitors from many countries, mainly from neighboring Portugal, France, Germany and Italy, have traveled here.

On the one hand the Bullfighting Fair is celebrated, that extends Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that supposes the first commitment of the Spanish season for the majority of the bullfighters, mainly figures of the scale. Olivenza is also committed to the quarry and its cycle includes steer-bullfights; it also tends to be the scene of important alternatives. It is a must-see event of national significance. Normally it is celebrated the first weekend of March, but this year it will be the second.

At the same time, the Iberian Bull Fair is celebrated. The fairground, with more than 1,500 square meters and 60 exhibitors, hosts during those days an extensive program of activities that includes exhibitions, lectures, debates or ‘tentaderos’. More than 80,000 people go there every year, and it is a great showcase that shows the importance of the breeding of fighting bulls in their dehesas, their culture, habitat, celebrations…The economic impact of the entire fair is vital for the location. All this contributes to make the town of Extremadura cradle of the bull.

Surrounded by holm oak and cork oak forests, tourists can also enjoy Olivenza and its Templar origin visiting its castle, which houses the Ethnographic Museum Extremeño González Santana; the House of Mercy or the Church of Santa María Magdalena.

Espartaco, 40 years of alternative

The Olivenza Bull Fair pays tribute to Juan Antonio Ruiz ‘Espartaco’ this year. The Sevillian bullfighter, who meets in 2019 40 years of alternative, has always been linked to the Bullring of Olivenza, personally and professionally. In fact, it was the place chosen for its reappearance in 1999.

Olivenza Bullfighting

Poster of the Bullfighting Fair of Olivenza 2019, work of the artist Afonso Sánchez Rubio.

Posters of the Bullfighting Fair of Olivenza

  • Friday, March 8; bulls from El Tajo and La Reina for José Garrido, Luis David and Toñete.
  • Saturday 9; morning, steer-bullfight contest with cattle from Carriquiri, José Luis Iniesta, El Freixo, Talavante, Vistalegre and San Pelayo for Juanito, Diego San Román and Carlos Domínguez who will debut with horses.
    Evening, mixed bullfight with two bulls from Mª Guiomar Cortés de Moura for the horse-bullfighter Diego Ventura and another four from Garcigrande for Enrique Ponce and El Juli.
  • Sunday 10; morning, bulls from Zalduendo for Antonio Ferrera, Sebastián Castella and Emilio de Justo.
    Evening, bulls from Daniel Ruiz for Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey and Ginés Marín.

A practical class with steers from El Freixo will start the Fair on Thursday 7, where students from the bullfighting schools of Badajoz and Málaga will perform.


Happy week, bullfigting lovers!

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