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5 reasons not to miss the San Isidro Fair 2019

Las Ventas 2019

In less than ten days, the most important bullfighting cycle in the world will begin in Madrid: San Isidro Fair 2019

Actually, there are endless reasons to visit the Las Ventas Bullring during San Isidro Fair, but we tell you the main ones…

1. The most important Bullfighting Fair in the world

San Isidro is the first fair, which is celebrated in the most important bullring in the world and the longest of all those held. What happens in the arena of Las Ventas is what marks the evolution of the main fairs and the career of most bullfighters.

2. More than a month of continuous bullfights

Specifically 34 afternoons with 26 bullfights, four bullfights with horses , one mixed and three steer-bullfights; which will run from May 14 to June 16. There is no calendar excuse to attend the Fair! In addition all the celebrations begin at 7:00 p.m., to end the day in the best way.

San Isidro 2019

San Isidro 2019 poster.

3. Combinations of posters for all tastes

In such a long cycle, all fans find their favorite bullfight. During the Fair of San Isidro 2019 they will fight 39 irons of 9 different breeds, fighting-bull ranches for all the tastes. In addition they will make the ‘paseíllo’ a total of 48 bullfighters, 14 horse-bullfighters and 9 young bullfighters. Figures, young bullfighters, consecrated bullfighters, from the circuit, from outside it… The offer can not be wider.

4. The famous draw for hype and Roca Rey

If there is something that will mark this edition of San Isidro (which incidentally reaches number 73) is the partial draw through the hype, after the success of the Autumn Fair. Ten posters began by chance, highlighting that of the Peruvian bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey and Adolfo Martín’s livestock.

In fact, Roca Rey was one of the mainstays of the 2019 Fair, with a total of three afternoons in the season ticket and the weight of be the great claim of the public.

5. The best time to get to know Madrid and visit Las Ventas Bullring

Acts of all kinds are celebrated throughout the city in honor of the patron and attract visitors from all corners of the world. The atmosphere relaxes around the Monumental and the party predominates the 34 afternoons. Social gathering, exhibitions, talks, snacks, meals…the cultural activity does not stop.

With an economic impact of more than 70 million euros, the Bullfighting Fair is vital for the capital of Spain.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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