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Bullfighting in VIP format

As in any sector, in bullfighting world we also find a part of luxury and amenities accessible only to a few, the most VIP

We agree that bullfighting is a celebration of the people and a fundamental part of the primary sector; but when it comes to bringing it to the public, like any other show or offer, there are different ways of doing it. And, of course, people of high purchasing power or accustomed to luxury who want to enjoy their love of bulls with a VIP treatment.

For example, there are groups of foreigners who visit our country and want to know the art of bullfighting. There is no problem if we are out of season or if they are you looking for something more exclusive or private. They can hire a day on a farm with tents private kinds of bullfighting. Many are the bullfighters who sometimes act privately, for a group of privileged people who do not spare any expenses.

At the time of going to the bullring there are also exclusive options. The first and second rows, and the boxes are usually occupied by big businessmen, artists and celebrities of any field. Some bullrings, such as Las Ventas, offer a complete experience, enjoying an afternoon of bullfights with the best service available to the client. This is the case of the VIP boxes.

Y. M. Felipe VI at Las Ventas front row.

VIP tickets at the Monumental of Las Ventas

From a privileged and very comfortable seat (padded and covered in leather), you can attend any of the festivities of the San Isidro Fair as an authentic celebrity. Accessing through an exclusive door and with the exquisite service of outstanding waiters and hostesses at all times, from keeping the coats of the clients so that they do not lack at any time a good snack. A catering in the Mallorca category, with products such as the best Iberian ham or the most elaborated pasta, as well as the best wines, spirits or soft drinks, make an afternoon of bulls an exclusive occasion that you now have the chance to enjoy.

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