What has been the highlight of the 2018 season?


We review what the season has left us on the eve of the end of 2018

Returns and farewells

Although it was only for one afternoon, 2018 has undoubtedly been marked by the return of José Tomás to a Spanish bullring. The Fair of Algeciras was the stage chosen by the bullfighter of Galapagar to meet again with the public; and he did it in a one-on-one with Miguel Ángel Perera, both of whom came out on shoulders. Those who were there are still talking about the magic night lived.

Algeciras Fair

José Tomás and Perera June 29 in Algeciras. Photo by Lances de Futuro.

The 2018 season has been marked by the farewell of Juan José Padilla. After acting in the main fairs and plazas, the Pirate said goodbye at the Pilar Fair in Zaragoza, where he was born again in 2011.

After almost 20 years of alternative, Juan Bautista has also left the bullrings, only to act in the ‘Goyesca’ of Arles in September. Another who unexpectedly announced his retirement for an indefinite period after fighting in La Misericordia was Alejandro Talavante. The bullfighter from Extremadura broke in June with Matilla, his agent, and has been absent at many fairs this year. We hope to see him back in 2019.

Morante de la Puebla had said goodbye in August 2017 but returned in May this year, at the Jerez Fair and represented by Manolo Lozano. At the end of this season it was announced that Matilla will be the one to accompany him onwards.

Winners of 2018 season

Roca Rey has finished the year again with figures that place him at number one: 55 bullfights, 30 Main Doors and 89 ears. Seville, Valencia, Pamplona or Bilbao have been historic evenings for him. The Peruvian has been consecrated with only 22 years and his presence in any bullring is reflected in the ticket box office.

Roca Rey in Pamplona Bull Fair.

One of the revelations has been Emilio de Justo. Winner in many bullrings of France and with successes reached against bullfights of the so-called ‘hard’, the great reward came at the Autumn Fair in Madrid, where he opened the Puerta Grande. He has won his presence at major fairs.

The Autumn Fair was another triumph and the great novelty. The format of the posters by lottery caused maximum expectation and the serial became one of the most interesting of the calendar.

Diego Ventura continues writing pages of the story of bullfighting on horse. On June 9 he became the first horse-bullfighter to cut a tail in Las Ventas, one on one with Andy Cartagena. In the Autumn Fair he locked himself with six bulls of different irons and went out on shoulders again, making his Puerta Grande number sixteen in Madrid. Unreachable.

Happy week and Happy New Year, bullfighting lovers!


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