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The most supportive bullfighting

Festival benéfico en Bilbao

The various end-of-season festivals show the most supportive face of bullfighting

Bullfighting has always been close to the most needy, in fact it has been the main entrance of important hospitals and relief homes throughout history, which were built thanks to the collection of the festivities or they used them to perform its work.

There is approximately one month of bullfighting season in Spain and in this final stretch there are more festivals. Most of them with very laudable charitable purposes.

Bilbao Bullfighting Club Festival

The Biscayan entity this year reaches the 66th edition of its traditional festival, whose collection is destined to the Holy and Royal House of Mercy of Bilbao. La Misericordia was founded in 1774 and since then helps the needy. It is currently a home for the elderly who receive the help of the celebration held in Vista Alegre every year.

This year the poster is made up of winners of the season that make October 4 a unique occasion. Enrique Ponce, Diego Urdiales, Cayetano, Juan Leal, Luis David and Pablo Aguado will make the walk for a good cause.

Bullfighting Festival of Bilbao

End of the season at the Royal Maestranza in Seville

As usual, the Andalusian capital closes the season on October 12, Hispanic Day. This year it will be with a festival organized by the Pagés Company and the Brotherhoods of the ‘Baratillo’ and the ‘Esperanza de Triana’ and the benefits will go to the social works of both, that so important work they do in Seville with the helpless.

Diego Ventura will open the mixed festival, together with Morante de la Puebla, Manzanares, Cayetano, Pablo Aguado and the local young bullfighter Jaime González Écija. A luxury poster to say goodbye 2019 in the Maestranza.

Bullfighting festival in Sevilla

Supportive bullfighting for the return of bullfighting to Ávila

Also in the Castilian city bullfighting is supportive. After two years without bulls (the last bullfight was held on July 21, 2017), Tauroemoción organizes on October 13 a great festival for the benefit of ASPACE Avila (Association of Cerebral Palsy). The figures Finito de Córdoba, Cayetano, Emilio de Justo, Ginés Marín and the young bullfighter from Ávila Daniel Barbero will make the walk on an essential afternoon for the end of the season.

Bullfighting festival in Ávila.


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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