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Bullfighting Cushion, Perfect for a Bulls day!!

almohadilla para sentarse a ver toros

Bullfighting Cushion Verónica

After an arduous work of investigation, analysis and development, finally we can say that we have given birth to our first bullfighting product, Bullfighting Cushion Verónica; In association with thoro/Servitoro.

It emerged as a solution to enjoy to the maximum our taurine afternoons, without thinking about the discomfort of a bullring. That led us to develop an exclusive and innovative Bullfighting Cushion

Developed with high quality raw material and qualified personnel in textile production. We have opted for a minimalist and ergonomic development, always focused on its final use and bullfighting art.

buy cushion bullfighting

Made in:

  • Fabric cloak; In yellow albero and pink, emphasizing thus the typical colors of the cloak of brega, key piece in the festivities bullfighting.
  • Patent leather base; High resistance synthetic material, waterproof for those rainy days and / or wet soil, it will keep the area where you feel to enjoy an afternoon of bulls clean and dry.

It includes important elements that make the Veronica Bullfighting Cushion unique in its category.

  • Plastic live reinforcement, covered with top quality fault tape, woven on both sides to give a touch of contrast.
    Reinforcement that gives form and structure to the Bullfighting Cushion.
  • Wide 55cm Zipper, with a large opening in the horizontal face of the Bullfighting Cushion, Facilitates the removal of the foam and allows double use (as a briefcase).
  • High density foam. Removable element located inside. Facilitates washing.
  • Failure tape handle for easy transport, Designed for comfort!!

The Verónica Bullfighting cushion will make you live a comfortable experience in the bullfighting festival.

and best of all WASHABLE..

The final result can be seen !!

bullfighting cushionIt is a perfect option to take you as a souvenir and you can also use it.
Go to the bulls (or sports scenarios) with total comfort.

A unique complement, indispensable during the taurine season.

  • This product is part of the bullfighting KIT, to see the bulls.

¡Do not wait more, give art!

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