The Bull, from home to its destination: the Bullring


The Bull arrives to the Bullring

The bull that comes to the bullring must meet certain parameters parenting, immediately tell them that question.

How live the bull?

During the 4 years of life the bull lives only surrounded by other males of their own species. They live in pastures where food and water are spaced to ensure the exercise of the bull.

bulls from home to bullring


For to get a bull, together the stallion having 3 to 6 years with a score or more cows, for 4 or 5 months in the spring. Cowboys take into account both their appearance and their aggressive qualities. Although artificial inseminations have been sought, in the vast majority of herds the bulls in the traditional way are obtained.

The bull in its first 8 months of life feeding on breast milk. They are then separated from their mothers and are more cattle together with their age and eat grasses with some foods that complement their food like oatmeal, beans, rye and fodder.

The animal lives its four years in the protected sweltering heat in summer and in winter the intense cold field. The bulls sometimes fight each other, and the loser is often attacked by the rest of the bulls so it is often separated from other cattle.

During his lifetime, the cattle are well treated and well fed, naturally so they are healthy and strong for your destination.

The Journey of the bull to the bullring.

The bulls come directly from the farm where they grew up, to the bullring at least 24 hours before the celebration, so they can rest and be in good condition. They are transported in well-ventilated drawers 2 meters high and 2.5 meters long and 0.8 wide, loaded on a truck.


Arriving at the square are released in a large corral where they are served by three veterinarians along with the president of the celebration. This visit of veterinarians is to see that everything is in order antler both its presence and zoological characteristics.

The second recognition, and even more demanding, are held in the morning of the celebration, and the aim is to ensure that it has not deteriorated the powers of the bull.

After the last survey, the draw that it’s up to each bull bullfighter afternoon ago. The draw is carried out with representatives of the bullfighters, who are usually their parents and each point the bull bullfighter who has touched him.

Finally, about 12 pm, after the draw, you put the bulls in the pens. The bull remains quiet and secluded with a fine warm light, until it begins the run.

Luck and the bull !!! begin the bullfight.

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