Beyond the arena: museums full of bullfighting treasures (III)


There are several bullrings which have museums full of jewels and memories to visit all year round, as well as libraries that review the history of Bullfighting

Museum of the Real Maestranza de Caballería of Ronda, Málaga

The noble institution, from the sixteenth century, has a magnificent exhibition at its facilities in Ronda. The Museum of Bullfighting is located in the lower part of the shade rows, occupying approximately a quarter of the bullring. There we find a review of the history of the Fiesta, from its origins to the present, in the form of paintings, sculptures, tools, documents, dresses…

It also has an edition of the Goya Bullfighting and the collection of contemporary posters that the Real Maestranza commissions annually and among which we find works by Eduardo Arroyo, Barceló or Pérez Villalta among others. The Romero dynasty and the Ordoñez dynasty are widely collected in this space, with the importance they have for the town in Málaga. And, of course, their traditional ‘Goyescas’. A museum full of bullfighting treasures.

Museo Taurino de Ronda

Real Maestranza of Ronda Bullfighting Museum.


Library of the Real Maestranza de Caballería of Ronda

More than 20,000 volumes comprise the magnificent library, with noble and heraldic but also equestrian and bullfighting funds; some with up to five centuries old.

The Royal Saddlery, the history of the Real Maestranza or the Equestrian Gallery can also be visited.


Granada Bullring: the Monumental of Frascuelo

Although the bullring does not have a bullfighting museum as such, if it is possible to make guided tours and get up close and personal with the arena, the corrals, the chapel, the infirmary, the stables…and enjoy the exhibitions, photographs and posters that occupy it. It also incorporates new technologies and multimedia content to make the visit an unforgettable experience.

The Bullring og Granada is one of the eight largest and most important in the country and it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, so visiting it is practically an obligation if we go to Granada.

Tesoros de la Plaza de Toros de Granada


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!




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