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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Málaga Fair


The Fair of Málaga is held from August 12 to 19 and is the most important summer event in the Andalusian city


Feria de Málaga

Front of fairgrounds ‘Cortijo de Torres’, replica of the Aduana Palace.

1. Day and night Fair

Next to the bullfighting part, in Málaga you can enjoy the Fair at any time. On the one hand we find the Center Fair, which happens during the day in the historic center of the city. It has its cover on Larios Street and everything is decorated with flowers and lanterns; booths, dances and all kinds of music flood the streets.

At night the party moves to the fairground, in the Cortijo de Torres. More than 800,000 square meters and about 123 booths to choose from.


La Malagueta.

2. ‘Corrida Picassiana’

It is one of the annual events in La Malagueta (Málaga’s bullring). The decoration of the bullring and the costumes of the bullfighters are inspired by the most international person from Málaga, the genius Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Held since 2003, the two passions of the artist come together here: art and bullfighting.

This year will be the 14th of August and the poster will star Antonio Ferrera, Sebastián Castella and Miguel Ángel Perera with Fuente Ymbro bulls.

3. Figures of bullfighting

Everyone is present in Málaga, one of the most important fairs of the summer and, undoubtedly, of the calendar. The winners of San Isidro, Alejandro Talavante and López Simón; the eternal Enrique Ponce or El Juli, will perform at the Bullring in Malaga.

4. Juan José Padilla

In the year of his ‘good-bye’ to bullrings, he could not stop stepping on the ring of La Malagueta. The one on August 17, together with Talavante, Fortes and Núñez del Cuvillo bulls, is sure to be one of the most special ones for the bullfighter from Jerez.

5. Youngs and and quarry

The Roca Rey hurricane, emerging players such as Ginés Marín, Garrido and Fortes also have their place in the posters. And a steers-bullfight on Monday 13, because it is vital to give opportunities to those who are starting.

This and much more awaits us at the August Fair!

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