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Bugles and kettledrums: the ‘Semanona’ is coming!

Fair of Gijón

The Great Week of the Asturian city extends over eleven days for what is also known as ‘La Semanona’

The festivities of Gijón, popularly called ‘la Semanona’ (local way to say big week), are celebrated around August 15, the feast of Nuestra Señora de Begoña, patroness of the city.

It begins with the proclamation in the Plaza Mayor. The following days all kinds of festive activities come together and you can enjoy various concerts in the Plaza Mayor, on the Poniente beach, in the Botanical Garden or the Palacio de Deportes; the International Fair of Samples of Asturias that, with more than 60 editions, is the great event attended by thousands of Asturians and tourists every year to find all kinds of products and eat the typical calamari sandwich; the celebration of the Day of Asturias with folkloric parade through the Wall of San Lorenzo and popular tour to the Cerro de Santa Catalina.

On the night of August 14, the fireworks burst into the sky of Gijón from the hill of Santa Catalina and illuminate it with touches of color; hundreds of thousands of spectators occupy the bay of San Lorenzo to watch the pyrotechnic spectacle.

Fuegos artificiales en Gijón.


On Begoña Day, August 15, the Paseo del Muro is once again the place where people from Gijón and visitors meet, this time to dance the Prima Dance together. All participants, children, youth, adults and the elderly join hands and accompany the music with their voices, dedicating a heartfelt tribute to those who one day were forced to emigrate from their land. A few minutes later the Restallón loudly announces the end of the festivities.

In the bullring of El Bibio, the Bullfighting Fair of Begoña is held, with a long tradition in Gijón, starting on the 10th and for six afternoons. There are four bullfights, another bullfight and a bullfight.


Fair of Gijón

Posters of Begoña Fair.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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