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Royal Fair of Algeciras 2019

Algeciras Fair

The town celebrates its great holidays, the Algeciras Fair, during the third week of June, this year from June 22 to 29

The Royal Fair of Algeciras is the most important event in the city and one of the most outstanding in Andalusia, it is also declared of National Tourist Interest. With origin in 1850, at which time a Royal Permit was granted to be celebrated, this year it reaches its 170th edition. As usual, it was a cattle fair that today is maintained, with special prominence of the select breed of cattle ‘retinta’ that participates in a relevant contest.

The ‘Parque Feria’ (Fair Park it is called the fairground)

Due to its growth and urban planning, the Fair had different locations until 1967, when it moved definitively to the current one. And two years later, in 1969, the Bullring of Las Palomas was built, which presides over the Royal fairground and the core of one of the pillars of the Algeciras Fair: the Bullfighting Fair.

Everything begins with the announcing cavalcade, fireworks and then the music, the horses, the local gastronomy, the contests …flood the Parque Feria fairgrounds day and night.

Algeciras Fair

Front of the Royal fairground of Algeciras.

50 years of Las Palomas

The bulls are one of the great attractions of the Algeciras Fair and every year they offer the highest level posters. In fact, Algeciras was the only place where José Tomás acted in 2018. This year there is also a great level with bullfighters like Miguel Ángel Perera, first Great Gate of this San Isidro; Pablo Aguado, winner of Seville and 2019 sensation; or David de Miranda, the great surprise of Madrid that has entered replacing Fortes, whose return was announced and has been forced to delay.

The Bullring of Las Palomas also celebrates its 50th anniversary and Lances de Futuro, the management company, has organized an intense cultural activity around the Fair with exhibitions, colloquiums, etc.

Algeciras Fair

Las Palomas bullring

The bullfights will be on June 23, 28 and 29 and promise to be a great success;

  • Sunday June 23, bullfighting challenge with Torrealta and Torrestrella bulls for José Garrido, David de Miranda and Joaquín Galdós
  • Friday 28, bullfight with bulls from Benítez Cubero – Pallarés for Diego Ventura, and from El Freixo for El Juli and José María Manzanares.
  • Saturday 29; bullfight of the 50th anniversary with bulls from Santiago Domecq for Miguel Ángel Perera, Cayetano and Pablo Aguado.
Bullfighting Fair of Algeciras

Poster of Algeciras Bullfighting Fair

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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