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Fair of ‘Hogueras’ of Alicante 2019

Hogueras 2019

Alicante celebrates its most important festivals, the Bonfires, between June 20 and 24

Declared of International Tourist Interest in 1983 and of Tourist Interest in 2014, the ‘Hogueras’ of Alicante, or in Valencian language Fogueres de Sant Joan have their origin in the night of San Juan. The longest day of the year the farmers took advantage of to do the harvest, and the shortest night to gather around the fires and, in some way, get rid of the bad and the old burning it.

It was the ‘fallero’ artist José María Py who, following the example of the Fallas of Valencia, institutionalized the festivities becoming official from 1928. Each neighborhood has a commission of fires that is responsible for their placement to be evaluated and then choose the winners The night they are placed is called the plantà and takes place on June 20.

Hogueras 2019

Bonfire of the Town Hall

In the Cathedral of San Nicolás is the Virgen del Remedio, patroness of the city of Alicante. More than 10,000 people parade there between days 21 and 22 loaded with flowers to form a large mosaic in what is the oldest offering in Spain.

The city is flooded with night and day, with street parties and barracks installed in each neighborhood. The parades of giants and big heads are another classic of the Bonfires of Alicante, with fireworks and mascletàs daily. On the night of San Juan, from June 23 to 24, fire and water become the protagonists of the great number of rites that are celebrated. The beaches are filled with bonfires and some even dare to jump and then bathe in the sea, with rockets illuminating the Alicante night.

The cremà closes the festivities, with the burning of the official bonfires in the first place and then all the others.

Hogueras 2019                                                      The ‘Cremà’ of the ‘Hogueras’ finishes the festivities.

Bullfighting Fair of Alicante

Bullfighting, of course, is one of the most important parts of the ‘Hogueras’ of Alicante. The proclamation of June 19, which will give the bullfighter Paco Ureña, will be the kick-off. In total two practical classes, a horse-bullfight, four bullfights and for the first time an International Meeting of Bullfighting make up the offer of Hogueras 2019.

Dámaso González illustrates the poster of this year on the 50th anniversary of his alternative in the Bullring of Alicante, on June 24, 1969.

Alicante Bullfighting

Poster of Hogueras Fair 2019, work by Joserra Lozano.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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