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The countdown to the Bullfighting World Championship begins

plaza de toros las ventas

The most important fair in the world will begin on Tuesday, May 8 and will run until Sunday, June 10

Finally we know all the details of the Bullfighting World Championship: San Isidro, the most important fair in the world in the most important Bullring in the world. A total of 34 afternoons will form the edition of this 2018, the most extensive to date. 32 afternoons of season ticket plus the traditional ones of the Charity and the Press.

For the second consecutive year, Las Ventas company, Plaza 1, has unveiled the posters in a great gala held in the Monumental arena, in a tent set up for different activities and events. The main work for the poster this year is a painting of Iván Fandiño in his mythical corner, work of the Colombian artist Diego Ramos.

Before the San Isidro Fair, the Community of Madrid Fair will be held, composed of two bullfights:

  • Tuesday, May 1; steers bullfight from Antonio López Gibaja for Amor Rodríguez, Pablo Mora and Francisco de Manuel.
  • Wednesday, May 2; El Tajo y La Reina bulls for Iván Vicente, Javier Cortés and Gonzalo Caballero.

The Bullfighting World Championship this year also stands out for the presence of all the figures, the variety of cattle, the consolidation of the Culture Bullfight and the Cattle Challenge as well as the novelty of 6 Nations Bullfight.

This is the complete calendar, from which you can now make your ticket reservations:

  • Tuesday May 8; steers bullfight from Guadaira for David Garzón, Carlos Ochoa and Ángel Téllez.
  • Wednesday 9; La Quinta bulls for Juan Bautista, El Cid and Morenito de Aranda.
  • Thursday 10; Fuente Ymbro bulls for Joselito Adame, Román and José Garrido.
  • Friday the 11th; Pedraza de Yeltes bulls for Manuel Escribano, Daniel Luque and Fortes.
  • Saturday 12; bulls from Bohórquez for the horse bullfighters Martín Burgos, Rui Fernandes, Joao Moura Jr, Leonardo Hernández, Joao Telles and Andrés Romero.
  • Sunday 13; Baltasar Ibán bulls for Alberto Aguilar, Sergio Flores and Francisco José Espada.
  • Monday 14; Las Ramblas bulls for David Mora, Juan del Álamo and José Garrido.
  • Tuesday 15; bulls from El Puerto de San Lorenzo-La Ventana del Puerto for El Fandi, Paco Ureña and López Simón.
  • Wednesday 16; bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo for Antonio Ferrera, Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante.
  • Thursday 17; bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq-Parladé for Finito de Córdoba, Román and Luis David.
  • Friday the 18th; bulls from Jandilla-Vegahermosa for Padilla, Sebastián Castella and Roca Rey.
  • Saturday 19; bulls from Alcurrucén for Curro Díaz, Joselito Adame and Juan del Álamo.
  • Sunday 20; bulls from San Mateo, San Pelayo and Carmen Lorenzo for the horse bullfighters Diego Ventura and Leonardo Hernández.
  • Monday 21; steers bullfight from Conde de Mayalde for Pablo Atienza, Toñete and Alfonso Cadaval.
  • Tuesday 22; bulls from El Ventorrillo for Curro Díaz, Morenito de Aranda and David Mora.
  • Wednesday 23; bulls from Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés for Miguel Ángel Perera, Alejandro Talavante and Roca Rey.
  • Thursday 24; Culture Bullfight with El Juli and Ginés Marín hand in hand.
  • Friday 25; bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo for Juan Bautista, Paco Ureña and López Simón.
  • Saturday 26; steers bullfight from Fuente Ymbro for Marcos, Alejandro Gardel and Francisco de Manuel.
  • Sunday 27; Dolores Aguirre bulls for Rubén Pinar, Venegas and Gómez del Pilar.
  • Monday 28; Partido de Resina bulls for Javier Castaño, Ricardo Torres and Thomas Duffau.
  • Tuesday 29; bulls from Torrehandilla for Daniel Luque, David Galván and Álvaro Lorenzo.
  • Wednesday 30; Domingo Hernández-Garcigrande bulls for Enrique Ponce, Sebastián Castella and Jesús Enrique Colombo confirming alternative.
  • Thursday 31; 6 Nations Bullfight with bulls from El Pilar for Juan Bautista, Luis Bolivar, Juan del Álamo, Joaquín Galdós, Luis David and Jesús Enrique Colombo.
  • Friday, June 1; bulls from Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés for Sebastián Castella, Manzanares and Cayetano.
  • Saturday 2; bulls from San Mateo, San Pelayo and Carmen Lorenzo for the horse bullfighters Hermoso de Mendoza, Segio Galán and Léa Vicens.
  • Sunday 3; Miura bulls for Rafelillo, Pepe Moral and Román.
  • Monday 4; Saltillo bulls for Octavio Chacón, Esau Fernández and Sebastian Ritter.
  • Tuesday 5; José Escolar bulls for Rafelillo, Fernando Robleño and Luis Bolívar.
  • Wednesday 6; Charity Bullfight with bulls from Alcurrucén for Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Ángel Perera and Ginés Marín.
  • Thursday 7; bulls from Rehuelga-Pallarés for Iván Vicente, Javier Cortés and Javier Jiménez.
  • Friday, 8; bulls from Adolfo Martín for El Cid, Pepe Moral and Ángel Sánchez who takes the alternative.
  • Saturday 9; Los Espartales bulls for the horse bullfighters Diego Ventura and Andy Cartagena hand in hand.
  • Sunday 10; Press Bullfight with bulls from Victorino Martín for Manuel Escribano, Paco Ureña and Emilio de Justo.

San Isidro 2018


A complete Fair of afternoons with all types bullfights and protagonists also of all types so that the public and fans can choose. It’s hard not to find, at least one appointment, to be interested in; and on the other hand, there are sure to be those who go religiously every evening to the bullring of Alcalá street, because you never know when everything can be in favor for a great bullfight full of triumphs.

Patiently and with other important fairs in the calendar, we will spend the barely two months remaining before the Bullfighting World Championship: the San Isidro Fair.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!


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