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The dragging mules


The dragging mules are responsible for removing the animal from the ring, helped and led by the muleteers


Dragging mules.

They are the animals that come to the ring every time a bull is fought to get it out through the dragging door. They usually look adorned with flags, ‘madroños’ (kind of ornament), ribbons and rattles. From the laying it may seem a simple task but the truth is that behind its mission there is a necessary time of preparation and rehearsal. The mulillas are scared to see the bull on the sand and the smell of blood invites them to escape.

The muleteers

They are in charge of preparing the mules and directing them in the plaza. They are usually dressed in shirts, pants, sashes and caps. The head of the muleteers has to be attentive to the Presidency in case he orders the turn around the ring of the bull.

The turn around the ring

Usually the bull is dragged in a straight line to the dragging door but sometimes, and for the bravery and nobility of the animal during the task, the Presidency grants the turn around to the ring, in which the bull is honored and the public clap.

Without reaching the honors of the turn around to the ring is the slow dragging; also a recognition to the caste or to the bravery of the bull in which the President allows that there is a time to applaud him so the displacement of the remains of the animal is done slowly.

The sandmen

They are part of the staff of the plaza and they close the paseíllo; they are in charge of cleaning and keeping the arena in good condition. They appear after each task to smooth the sand removed during the fight and in the drag of the bull; as well as cover or collect the remains that the animals could have left.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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