We released a collection of bullfighting accessories!


Servitoro has created a selection of bullfighting accessories made in the best materials and personalized with a new logo

We are happy to present you this new project! The bulls are our hallmark, so we wanted to reflect it also in small articles of bullfighting accessories; accessories that represent our passion. Specifically, there are three different bracelets, wallets for women and men and keychains, all of them with our logo specially created for this adventure. A team of experts in design and image has devised this new brand as a bullfighting iron form (it could not be otherwise) with our initials S and T united and framed in a crowned circle. The logo is engraved on the Ubrique leather used.

Artículos taurinos

Logo of the bullfighting articles of Servitoro.

Made with materials from bullfighting

The entire collection is made with materials from bullfighting materials: authentic ‘capote’ and ‘muleta’ cloth, handcrafted by the hands of the best professionals. The bracelets are unisex and are designed for any age, being able to choose between different sizes. The classic fuchsia capote bracelet with the yellow back; another made in ‘muleta’ cloth, red, with a strip of dark brown leather from Ubrique and details of our flag; and a third with some of the most famous cattle irons engraved on a Ubrique leather border: Torrestrella, Fuente Ymbro, Jandilla, Cebada Gago, Marqués de Domecq, Victorino Martín, Fermín Bohórquez, Dolores Aguirre, and Miura. It is very curious, since it is made with the fabric used in the past for the trunks for their hats, stamped with pictures.

Bullfighting fashion accessories

Bullfighting bracelets.

The quality of the Ubrique Leather

As you know, Ubrique is the cradle of the leather in our country. They are experts in their treatise and the best craftsmen, that’s why we have chosen the leather from Ubrique to offer products of the highest quality and made in a traditional way. The wallets, in addition to this material, are made in ‘capote’ fabric for women and ‘muleta’ fabric for men. We invite you to know all the details of this collection full of style, simple and elegant, and totally timeless: classics that do not go out of style! They are ideal to make a gift or simply show off our traditions. Fashion details in the purest Spanish style.

Wallet and bracelet made in ‘muleta ‘cloth an Ubrique leather.

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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