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The Great Week of San Sebastián 2019

San Sebastián-Donosti

From August 14 to 17, the great bullfighting event of the Great Week of San Sebastián 2019 is celebrated in Illumbe Bullring

Donosti does not need any excuse to visit it at any time but, if we have to choose, of course we stay with the Great Week or ‘Aste Nagusia’ (euskera language). Since the nineteenth century and under the influence of Queen Elizabeth II, who chose the stately capital of Guipúzcoa to spend the summer, the city lives its maximum splendor coinciding with the Virgin of August, around day 15.

The concerts with the best singers of the moment, folklore, the important International Fireworks Contest, sports competitions such as swimming, beach volleyball or horse racing and the fundamental Bullfighting Fair vertebrates the Great Week of San Sebastián. But also the gastronomy, the beaches, the historical buildings and the cultural spaces come together to make the visit to the ‘Bella Easo’ unforgettable.

San Sebastián

Sunset in the ‘Bella Easo’.

Four extraordinary bullfights

The Illumbe Bullring opened 21 years ago and is one of the most modern and functional things that exist. It has a mobile cover so the rain, frequent on the Cantabrian coast, is no longer an inconvenience for bullfights.

Four bullfights, one of them mixed, which will open the Navarre rider Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, will occupy the afternoons on August 14, 15, 16 and 17.

The main names of the ranks are present, one more year, in the San Sebastian Great Week 2019: the winners of San Isidro, Antonio Ferrera and Paco Ureña; the winner of the Pamplona Bull Fair, Cayetano, which replaces the injured Roca Rey on the 14th.

And we will also enjoy a great presence of young bullfighters willing to reach the top: Román, Ginés Marín, Luis David and Pablo Aguado.

San Sebastián 2019

San Sebastián Great Week 2019


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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