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‘Virgen de Los Llanos’ Fair

Albacete Fair

The celebrations in honor of the patroness of Albacete are held from September 7 to 17

The patroness: Los Llanos Virgin

Legend tells that an image of the Virgin was found by a farmer in the area of Los Llanos, and there was raised a hermitage thanks to the contributions of Albacete people. Already in the s. XVII is referred to as the patroness of the city of La Mancha. Although historically the pilgrimage to the place took place every September 8, the day of its feast, the image of the Virgin of Los Llanos is currently in the cathedral of Albacete.

The Fair, one of the oldest in Spain (beginning of the 13th century), is declared of International Tourist Interest and takes place, mainly, in the Fairground of Albacete, better known as “La Sartén” (the skillet, because of its form) or “Los Redondeles”; built in 1783 and also an Asset of Cultural Interest.


Los Redondeles.

The history of the Bullring of Albacete

The other nerve center of the Virgen de Los Llanos Fair is, without a doubt, the Bullring, where ten celebrations are held between September 8 and 17. The Bullring of Albacete was inaugurated on September 9, 1917 with a bullfight from Fernando Villalón for the bullfighters Gaona, Gallito and Saleri II. Its architectural style is of Mudejar influence. It was built by the local Julio Carrilero and served as a model for the Monumental of Las Ventas. Last year it commemorated his Centennial and the company wanted the poster that announced the fair to be a reproduction of that 1917 poster.

Bullfighting Fair of 2018

The current management company Taurino Manchega, integrated by the brothers Lozano, Manuel Caballero and Manuel Amador, has made one of the most important fairs in Spain. Two steer-bullfights, a bullfight with horses and seven bullfights form the posters.

Emphasizes the double appearance of El Juli and Rubén Pinar, winner of the Fair of 2017. The presence of the great majority of the figures, local bullfighters, variety in the livestock cast and the firm commitment of the company for the quarry, with two steer-bullfights, are the main reasons for the success of the Los Llanos Fair.

Virgen de los Llanos Fair

Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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