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Fair of ‘La Peregrina’: the bastion of Galicia

Pontevedra celebrates its festivities in honor of the Virgin of ‘La Peregrina’, patroness of the province and also of the Way of  Santiago Portuguese

The political demagoguery and ecological terrorism practiced by the badly called “animalists” have led to only one place for bullfights in Galicia: Pontevedra. The Galician capital maintains the centennial Bullring of San Roque as a symbol of freedom and culture in the region. The Fair enjoys an extraordinary health, with a great fondness endorsed by crowd of people that give life to the Feasts of ‘La Peregrina’.

Toros en Pontevedra

Interior de la Plaza de Toros de Pontevedra.

It’s celebrated every year on the second Sunday of August, with the reading of the proclamation the previous day from the palace of Mugartegui, which starts the big week of parties. A great firework show on the seashore is the first of the many acts that take place during those days.

The usual tranquility of Pontevedra is interrupted and the city becomes a hotbed of people. The streets are filled with animation and music, with concerts and shows in the main squares of the historic center such as Plaza del Concello, Plaza de España or Teucro; as well as the verbenas and carousels of the Alameda and Montero Ríos. The Battle of Flores, where floats, street music groups and folkloric groups participate, and the transfer of the procession float accompanied by the floral offering to the Virgen de la Peregrina are some of the well-attended events.


Bullfighting Fair

As we mentioned, Pontevedra has a great bullfighting tradition and is the only active bullring in Galicia, which has made it the bullfighting stronghold of the Galician community. Fans of all the neighboring localities move here every year to enjoy the festivities. The bullfights are planned for the first and second weekend of August 2018.

This year will be three bullfights, one of them mixed, with the presence of the main figures. These are the combinations planned for August 5, 11 and 12:

Feria de la Peregrina


Happy week, bullfighting lovers!

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