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The Soul of Bullfighting: A Reflection on Bullfighting

A reflection on the deep meaning that bulls have for bullfighting enthusiasts: what do these majestic creatures and the ancestral ceremony that surrounds them really teach us?

The Soul of Bullfighting: A Reflection on Bullfighting

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, where time seems to pass without pause and the worries of everyday life overwhelm us, there is a world apart, a universe full of symbolism and tradition that, for some, contains the very essence of Spanish culture and identity. I am talking, of course, about bullfighting and its most emblematic representation: bullfighting.

In these turbulent times, where opinions polarise and debate intensifies, I would like to pause for a moment to reflect on the profound meaning that bullfighting has for many of us. Beyond the controversies and criticisms, what do these majestic creatures and the ancestral ceremony that surrounds them really teach us?

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Allow me first of all to evoke the imposing image of a bull in the bullring, standing in all its magnificence, defiant and noble. Does this image not remind us of the indomitable force of nature, the very essence of life in its purest and wildest state? Bulls connect us with our most primitive roots, transporting us to a time and place where man and animal shared a sacred and unbreakable bond.

Moreover, bullfighting invites us to contemplate the duality inherent in the human condition: the struggle between man and beast, between instinct and reason, between life and death. In each bullfight, we witness an ancestral drama that confronts us with our own fears and passions, challenges us to confront the inevitability of our own mortality.

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But beyond the physical confrontation, the bullfight is also a spectacle of beauty and mastery, where the bullfighter, with his skill and bravery, becomes a true artist of the ring. In his elegant and precise movements, in his ability to interpret and respond to the language of the bull, we find a unique expression of the connection between man and animal, a tragic and sublime dance that transcends words.

Of course, we cannot ignore the criticisms and objections to bullfighting in contemporary society. The violence and suffering associated with bullfighting are legitimate issues that deserve to be addressed seriously and sensitively. However, we cannot lose sight of the cultural and historical value that this tradition represents for many Spaniards, nor of the passion and respect that its followers have for these noble animals.

Ultimately, bullfighting is much more than just a spectacle or a form of entertainment. It is a unique manifestation of a people’s identity and cultural heritage, a symbol of resilience and tradition that endures through the centuries. Therefore, instead of condemning or ignoring it, I believe that we should approach it with an open mind and a willing heart to understand its deeper meaning.

In the midst of debate and controversy, bullfighting reminds us of the importance of preserving and respecting our most deeply rooted traditions, of honouring the legacy of our ancestors and of keeping alive the flame of our collective identity. Because, after all, in bullfighting we find a reflection of our own humanity, a metaphor for life itself in all its complexity and grandeur.

Pedro del Ruiz, crítico taurino


P. Del Ruiz
Bullfighting critic

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