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The San Fernando Bullfight in Aranjuez: A Luxury Celebration in a Historic Setting

Every year, Aranjuez goes all out for San Fernando, especially when it comes to bullfighting. In 2024, Carlos Zúñiga has prepared another impressive lineup at the Real and Bicentennial bullring. It’s an ideal opportunity to explore or visit this wonderful city steeped in history at every turn. Dare to discover it!
Plaza toros Aranjuez

Aranjuez. A dazzling royal garden

The Royal Site and Town of Aranjuez, one of the most charming enclaves in the Community of Madrid, boasts one of the oldest bullrings in the world. It is an architectural gem dating back to 1797 and is considered an almost exact replica of Madrid’s first permanent bullring, located near the Puerta de Alcalá.

The bullring is just one example of the rich heritage of this riverside town, situated at the confluence of the Tajo and Jarama rivers. The fertility of its lands has made it ideal for cultivating two gastronomic treasures: asparagus and strawberries.

However, what has boosted tourism in this town is its historical and artistic legacy. Its dazzling palace (built in Renaissance style, with construction starting in 1523) and its beautiful adjacent gardens (Isabel II, del Príncipe, de la Isla, and del Parterre) led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Moreover, the city gained worldwide fame when composer Joaquín Rodrigo immortalized it in his celebrated “Concierto de Aranjuez,” a musical composition for piano and orchestra, with its Adagio performed by numerous artists.

Palacio Real de Aranjuez
Royal Palace of Aranjuez (Madrid)

The major festivities in Aranjuez take place in May and September. In the latter month, the Fiestas del Motín are commemorated, but around May 30th, the celebrations in honor of their patron saint, San Fernando, are held. Among all the festivities, the traditional bullfight stands out. The Corrida De San Fernando is undoubtedly the most important bullfight in the region. Throughout history, all the great bullfighters from various eras have participated in this event, from Curro Romero to Roca Rey.

In 2024, Roca Rey, the Peruvian bullfighter, once again takes center stage. But he is not the only attraction. Roca Rey shares the bill with José María Manzanares, a classic figure in this event who has triumphed on multiple occasions. Completing the trio is Ginés Marín, a young torero with an impressive resume, making his debut in the bicentennial bullring, where the event will take place on Sunday, June 2nd.

And to top it off, there’s another incentive: the El Freixo cattle ranch, which also makes its debut in this arena. El Freixo belongs to Julián López El Juli, the matador who has stepped into the bullring in Aranjuez more times than any other. El Juli has performed here on 17 occasions since his debut in 1999, up until the last season. A string of ears, tails, and grand exits awaits, now continuing from his perspective as a cattle breeder. It’s yet another reason not to miss a new edition of this event, set against an incomparable backdrop—a perfect excuse for an unforgettable day in this truly privileged location.

Information on ticket sales in Aranjuez:

Tickets on the servitoro.com website or by calling +34 96 330 85 93 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6:30pm, or on the WhastApp +34 647 66 93 71.

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