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Brihuega (Guadalajara): The social and cultural event of La Corrida de Primavera (Spring Bullfight)

José Antonio Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares and Andrés Roca Rey star in the Corrida de…
Plaza de toros de La Muralla, Brihuega

Brihuega: una visita cargada de historia

Brihuega is a municipality in the province of Guadalajara with a past of great interest. Its rich heritage bears witness to the historical wealth of this town. It’s worth taking a stroll through its narrow cobbled streets and discovering its historic quarter, which was declared a historic-artistic ensemble as far back as 1973.

Around its walls, of which traces still remain, and two of its gates are still standing – the Cozagón arch and the Cadena gate – three churches dating back to the 13th century can be visited: San Felipe, San Miguel, and the Church of Santa María de la Peña. There are also remnants of the old church of San Simón.

The pleasant walk that connects all these monuments leads to the south of the town, to the convent of San José, which is now used as an exhibition hall, to the renowned Brihuega castle, with its Muslim origins and declared a Cultural Heritage Site, and its charming bullring, named La Muralla, dating back to 1965 and designed by architect Ambrosio Arroyo.

Its architecture and design fit perfectly into the monumental ensemble of the city, and inside it hosts one of the most unique events on the bullfighting calendar every April: The Spring Bullfight. Boosted by entrepreneur Maximino Pérez since the end of the last century, it is currently organized by the company Funtausa, and it is one of the most important bullfighting, social, and cultural events in the province.

plaza de toros de Brihuega, Servitoro
Main Gate, Bullring of La Muralla, Brihuega

In its 2024 edition, featuring bulls from the Matilla breeding (Hermanos García Jiménez and Olga Jiménez Fernández), the lineup includes none other than José Antonio Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, and Andrés Roca Rey, three bullfighters with different concepts and styles who also attract a multitude of supporters, who will surely fill the intimate Brihuega bullring once again.

Morante returns to Brihuega six years after his last appearance in the La Muralla bullring, where he has left his mark on several occasions, such as in 2011 when he cut the ears of a bull from Jandilla. Manzanares and Roca Rey, on the other hand, have been regulars in the last editions of this classic bullfight. Just last year, both triumphed and were carried out on the shoulders of the crowd in the Manchegan square.

On April 6th, you have an appointment in Brihuega, far beyond the strictly bullfighting sphere. The day invites you to stroll, enjoy tapas, eat, and explore this privileged enclave, surrounded also by lavender fields, before witnessing the bullfight. Accept the invitation. You won’t regret it.

Bullfighting Poster for the Spring Bullfight of Brihuega 2024 (Guadalajara)

Cartel Corrida de toros de Brihuega
Bullfighting poster for the Spring Bullfight of Brihuega 2024 (Guadalajara)
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